Google has recently changed its algorithm for searching your website.  Its was named Pigeon by the algorithm world, I know wouldn't you typically work hard at getting rid of them?  Regardless, the website you have poured hours, money and thought into has now been modified.  Fact is, is always being modified in the tune of 500-600 times per year.  However, this one was a big change and I wanted to make sure you are aware in helping keep up with the new algorithm.  


Yelp and Algorithms.

This new change mostly affects brick and mortar business that have solely focused on advertising their local company with Google Places.  The modification takes your local search and resolves a former issue with other local marketing companies such as Yelp.  Now that Yelp is becoming listed higher than your website, your best coarse of action is to add your listing immediately.  Their is a small tutorial from a previous blog here.

Do not forget other prominent sites like Foursquare, Angie's List, Manta and many others.  Your devotion to your website alone will not sustain and these free local marketing tips will help keep your website visible and prominent.

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