For most of us design editing and resolving punctual errors is not at the top of our list when publishing your website.  Especially, for the one person show who has to handle marketing, planning, design, much less the budget.  And that is just the web design, what about your own business?  So at the end of the day when you hit publish on your new website there should be some places to double check your accuracy.

Social Media Links

These of course are only a few, but typically the most used Social Media icons.  Images that represent your company, yes your company, as the idea is when clicked we will be taken to your companies brand via the Social Media selected.  Often times, even on prominent local business sites the links have not been added to the icon, or worse yet the default link is still there only taking you to the main page i.e,  Double check these they act as your companies image and brand on that site, plus they will link back to your website promoting higher search results on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.   


With the main navigation, sidebars, footers, anchors, emails, and other links, checking these can be daunting and time consuming.  Here is a free online tool that can help you eliminate bad links.  This is very important to your visitors and their ability to one, find your product, and two keep you as a trusted local source for your product or service.  Sometimes the inevitable can take place though, we are humans right?  And your customer will click on a link that is not functional, and this is when a custom 404 page or Page Not Found would arrive.  90 percent of the time unfortunately, the standard 404 page is utilized see image below. 

Standard 404 Page

This unfortunately does not give your customers much information, and may lead them to leave without clicking the back button.  At the minimum, we should add in a custom 404 page identifying the page may be missing and directing them to additional pages for reference within your site.  Our 404 page is a bit off the wall, however it still provides information to the customer, and makes the attempt to keep them on the site.

This is only briefly expanding on the vastness of crossing the t's and dotting the i's, but are significant to achieving a better experience for your customers.  Need help editing your website or more information on how to develop your companies potential?  Give us a call 520.261.6329 we will be happy to help.