Its one of the most important aspects of your website, marketing.  As a small business the initial investment can be daunting.  But not necessarily required to become found on the internet. Infact, some of the best tools are free. 

If you are a local business, it is imperative that you sign up with Google+.  This will allow your business to become found on Google and other prominent search engines.  When you have all the information that you want to place on your page head to Create Google+ Page For Your Business and get started.  You will be presented with three options, Storefront, Service Area, and Brand.  Choosing Storefront or Service Area will require a physical address, whereas Brand would be suitable for an on line or virtual company.  Be careful of the address listed as you will need to validate and verify through Google, and once completed the world will have that address.

Google+ Business Page


Your next stop is Yelp.  This is an excellent way for a local company to become found simply and easily.  Go to Create Yelp Business Account and begin the process.  Initially, you will search for your business as sometimes you may have a listing that was created from other free marketing tools.  If that is the case, you can claim your business after some security measures and complete the profile and information.  One of the main issues for customers is finding your company with outdated information like wrong phone number, or incorrect address.  Your initial 3-4 seconds with a potential customer can be potentially lost.  Take the time to verify and update your information, and be sure to link your website so your customers can find more information on your company.

Sign Up For Yelp Business

These two only scratch the surface on what is available freely.  Between Facebook and Twitter alone you can create a customer base and keep an open business communication.  If your interested in expanding on these free tools and allowing your company and brand to become found contact us for a free consultation.  Also, you can sign up for our free newsletter, which is full of helpful small business tips and free tools to help your company become found.