Utilizing these tools will make your decisions for marketing and investment more organized and understandable.  Without them, you may have a fantastic design that is wonderfully responsive, but could be lacking in one marketable area.  

These statistical tools will provide important information such as;

Landing Pages (What Page Did Your Customer Land On)

Acquisition (Where Did They Arrive From i.e, Facebook, Google)

Sessions (How Many Times Has Your Site Been Reached)

Bounce Rate (Percentage Of Users That Navigate Away From Your Site After One Page)

Sessions Duration

What Was Searched




Operating System



And this list goes on from within the dashboards of these great free analytical products.


Google Analytics

Heading up our list is Google, which provides an easy to use and simple to navigate dashboard. To start, simply click on the image below and login with your Google account.  From there you can add your site and you will be given a tracking code in which you will be required to add into your website.  Once verified, your set and ready to start viewing the who, what, when, where, and why.  What really makes this tool excellent is the ability to understand demographics on each page.

Bing Webmaster Tools

Next is Bing which also provides information from Yahoo as well.  Same as Google, you will need to log in with a current Microsoft account or create one to begin.  Once in, you can add your website and with a simple insertion of code on your website, you will be up and running with simple and easy statistics. Bing offers a few nice SEO analysis tools that can determine errors on your pages so you can eliminate them.

Heap Analytics

Heap offers a free product up to 5,000 hits per month, and after that they have very competitive packages to keep your insights up to speed.  Heap works slightly different than Google and Bing in that you can identify buttons, links, images or any other identifier on any page to see how long your customers were there and identify A/B button testing.  This graphical tool breaks down per second, the time spent on every single aspect of your page.

Used in combination these products offer an outstanding ability to view analytic insights into your website.  And since your website is likely a primary marketing source, how can you afford not to see?

Interested in these products but do not have the time to manage or would like to have the tools installed, configured and you trained?  We can assist you on all levels of marketing your website to provide you with the best choices.  Call us at 520.261.6329 and we will be happy to arrange a free consultation with you. Spread the word below on social media and dont forget to sign up with our newsletter to gain even more insight into your web design, marketing, and video production.