Your decision to begin the web design process may start with a new business without a presence, or an existing website with a need to update.  Either way, when you arrive to OCG Design Infusion we will spend time initially discovering the who, what, when, where and why of your business.   

Why Does This Matter?

Plain and simple, we learn about what makes you tick, and how that plays a factor in your business.  From there, we discover and analyze your business with a perspective of clients to the local competition, and we strive to gather a clear understanding of your business needs. 

Your competition and the results we gather from our research will deliver a viable understanding to what makes them able to retain customers, and how you can implement your ideas leveraging your company.  We search keywords and phrases that are trending to help deliver your results, helping you to achieve your goals.

Granted, you could go with another company without this process that can deliver an exceptional graphics, a stunning web design, and a great user interface.  However, without this discovery phase, you run the risk of not properly aligning the content to be delivered to your customers.  

Because Marketing Matters

Your content is what drives your website to become found.  The research and analysis used in our Web Design Process will simply and effectively be able to extract what your company is and craft an opportunity for your customers to buy your products and services.  Sometimes it can be a difficult assessment when only viewing your ideas from one perspective.  We want to help relive that burden and help recommend the best course of action for you to deliver this message.  This will allow the same beautifully crafted website with exceptional graphics to be infused with the content needed to drive your company to the top of local search engine results.  

Are You Ready?

We know you're busy and this may sound daunting, but really, you can come to our office, sit back and relax in the air conditioning and we will help define our strategy to create your vision and implement your goals.  Nothing to lose here, just information, and even if you choose not to go with use, you will have knowledge and questions to ask the company you choose.  

Give us a ring 520.261.6329 we look forward to helping you.  Let's Become Infused.