You're done! Finally through with the 9-5, taking orders from your boss, and you believe that it can and will be done better.  You have passionately decided that starting your own small business is your chosen path.  Your dedicated, hardworking, prepared for the challenge, and not to mention have an excellent money making idea that will help not only yourself, and family, but the economic stronghold in the community.    Where to begin?  This alone can be a game changer for most small businesses, the planning.  Here are a couple a great resource guides for starting your small business in Tucson.



So Whats Next?  Your brand.

Now that the initial preparation has been completed for your start-up, its time to determine how to deliver this to your market.  But who are you as a company, as an image, and as a leader in the product or service that you are selling? 

Your brand and image as a company is the pivotal starting point in your success as a small business.  The mission and values that you initially set forth are the building blocks to your image as a whole, and thus building a logo with the right presence will be what delivers your message clearly.  Along with the logo is the slogan and tagline that helps keep a clear voice from your company.  Once you have established these basics, get a voice to the community and place them everywhere, sell your brand and establish your companies expertise in its particular field.

Starting a Small Business In Tucson

Website and Marketing

Now that you have established a brand you can incorporate that into a crafted design with a marketing strategy to deliver this message to your customers.  The web design itself needs research and a dedication to deliver this message properly.  If you are selling a service as a trusted plumber with reliable service and a guarantee, you want to convey this with the appropriate colors and tone to your clients as your website is open 24/7.  Now to get this articulated crafted message into the hands, eyes, ears and hearts of your customers through internet marketing and social media channels.  There are many phases and aspects to the marketing itself, and depending on initial budget and desired reach even more research will be required to determine how to drive your company closer to page 1.



Do you have anything to add to starting your small business in Tucson? 


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