As you sit at home watching your TV you are increasingly inundated with non-stop advertisement promoting products, services, and the next big series that all the critics are raving about.  Are you watching this?  Are you in fact even interested?  Most of the time we sit and watch the TV, scroll through Facebook, or watch Youtube to zone out of our minds with the desire to not be aware.  How can we ready ourselves to be prepared and view the video content through technology without not being unaware of what we see.

Viral Video or infused awareness

The first definition for viral is: 


  1. 1.

    of the nature of, caused by, or relating to a virus or viruses.

The second of course being the rapid delivery of an image or video through the internet.  Using a word like viral to deliver a message sends a strong message but what is it.  Even if the message is positive and has awareness, does the mind not associate viral with a negative outcome?  If we were to deliver the same video or image and associate it with a positive underlining name would this not create the opposite effect?  

Infused Video Awareness in your industry

Ultimately, bringing ourselves into the present moment is difficult with all the technology we have today.  How can we focus and bring our awareness through technology and more importantly into your Video Content.  The message containing the most value to bring awareness are the ones people thirst for.  The content itself is important, and we are looking to partner with individuals and companies that are focused on delivering values, ethics, and awareness.  We aim to deliver Infused Brand Awareness through listening to your needs and personally understanding what your message is.  

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