Like coffee with cream, Craigslist and your website design should infuse together seamlessly.


How important is Craigslist?

Craigslist itself is being searched according to their records at 50 billion page views per month and 60 million each month in the US alone.  That said, utilizing your company to provide services can be highly beneficial and a financial gain for your company.  However, only offering a listing, picture and some basic information really does hinder the performance of your ads.   

How to make your Ad stand out?

Pictures are by far the number one thing that a potential customer is looking for when seeking to have a service completed on Craigslist.  They say a pictures worth a thousand words so it's important to make sure that the lighting, cropping, and overall quality of the picture is clear and not blurry.  After that, be sure to have an engaging and understandable Title, with clear quality information explaining who you are, what you do, where you do it, and when it can be completed.  The more details you insert here can be a resource for search engines to not only help customers find your site, but validate your work from organic searches on the internet.

Why don't you have a website?

Your trade and craft are what your promoting, and a brand awareness is what your delivering.  Why not create even just a single page identifying you on the internet to validate who you are?  The good news here is since Craigslist is extremely popular, by adding the same information on both your web site and Craigslist your rankings will be automatically promoted.  What this means is, done right, your company will now be searched on Google and become found without going to Craigslist.  Not only will you financially gain from working on Craigslist, you will now benefit from being found through Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  

Have a web site?

Have you looked at the overall site design and analytic's to see if your site is performing?  Does you web design look like what you expect from your top competition?  If not, why not?  Bringing the collaboration between design, internet marketing, SEO, video marketing is attainable and within your reach.  Its possible your site only needs the information in both the Craigslist ad and the website to be modified to become successful.

What can we do?

We are your small business advisers, we specialize in helping companies grow to their greatest potential.  Your job is to deliver the service, our job is to make sure the information you have is engaging and in the hands, eyes, and ears of your customers.  Like to hear more?  Give us a shout and we will be happy to consult over the phone, email, or in person.  

We look forward to working with you and be sure to share.  Helping others is how we will build our community together!


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