Small Business Guide To Free Antivirus

It's early, you check your phone for your morning emails.  And there it is, the spam email that somehow bypassed your stringent filters.  You frantically run to the computer to stop this from happening again, when you notice who its from.  Your client.  Their email contact list has been compromised, and now, all the contacts they own are privy to such wonderfully vile links.

Coming from an IT background I was compelled to contact them immediately and advise them to change the email password, when they stated that they could not make any changes in the email after logging in.  Mind you this is a Church related Day Care and the links being sent out were, lets just say, the worst.  After reviewing their security I realized that all of the computers had multiple issues and needed more business grade security.  Though, we are not in the security business and are driven more in the web design and video production field, we wanted to provide them with some options for a free business grade antivirus.  


Here is The List

Free Cloud Based Business Grade Antivirus by Avast

Avast is known to be a top rated free antivirus solution in the industry and now they are offering this security for business owners.  The Dashboard is simple and intuitive allowing one person to manage as many computers as needed along with alerts and information to be sent in real time.  Each computer receives a link via email and they can download the client to the computer to be managed.  


Comodo Antivirus offers Free Antivirus

Comodo Antivirus offers Free Antivirus

Comodo is a known product for their Firewall and Antivirus solutions with home users.  The fact is, you can use this in your business free of charge.  The software is not cloud based, so each computer will need to download the software. It is however highly configurable, easy to use, and offers advanced features.


Paid Add On Solutions

OpenDNS is Free for Home use and offers Business Grade security that is in budget.

OpenDNS is Free for Home use and offers Business Grade security that is in budget.

OpenDNS is a Free for Home use DNS level security must have.  Small companies can benefit from 1-5 computers starting at 20$/user or 6-100 at 28$/user.  Simple integration on each computer or through your Router makes this a simple way to eliminate threats before they even arrive.


Malwarebytes  Free for Home use offers Business Grade Protection as well.

Malwarebytes  Free for Home use offers Business Grade Protection as well.

Malwarebytes offers small business up to 99 users is an inexpensive per user license at roughly 25$/user,  This add on allows for automatic updates, running in the background, and removal of threats from each computer.  Each computer will require the software to be downloaded, installed, and configured.  


The Verdict

Protect your self in business and you will prosper.  Nothing is more time consuming and costly than downtime on the computers from unknown Spyware, Malware, and Virus intrusions.  No matter which product you choose be sure it's highly rated, consistently updated, and scanned often.  

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Be Safe!