The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus
— Bruce Lee

Remember, no focus no power. I will take this a step further and state that this opportunity is not limited to just men! That everyone has this opportunity, by choice of course.

So what path have you chosen?

Most say you will need a business plan, a business name, licensing and of course, a whole lot more. But really, are you getting into a field of work that excites you? Will you be a single person running a freelance business, or will you make money even while you sleep?

I will touch just briefly on what excites you and in turn, your ultimate passion. Many say that I absolutely love to do XYZ and are tired of working for minimal amounts of money. They research and conclude that with enough hard work they can make some money completing this task. However, is this your passion?


Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life - Marc Anthony

Definitely a fair statement, but is it profitable? I love raising my kids, but have not figured out a way to make money at it yet. In fact, its a pricey endeavor! I do in fact love to teach and deliver products and services with exceptional value. It’s said that love is the most powerful force in the entire Universe. So if you love what you do, provide something to others that they love, and offer a return of value of more love? You are now in business, and the rest will follow.

But Sean, it’s the rest we need help with! Not only do we provide a complete Marketing Strategy at OCG, we offer guidance and strategy to find the best way to deliver just what you love. We can provide partner solutions for life coaching, business mentoring, accounting, blog writing, web copy, and many more. We feel that by giving you access and resources to everything you may encounter, it can leave you to what you do best.

Let’s get you on the path of focus

We are starting a complete package for you to pick and choose what is needed in your business and then guide you through the entire process. We are implementing this now, and would love to hear your feedback and ideas. Space is limited, so signup and I will be in contact with you. Look forward to chatting with you!